Six people confirmed dead as Indonesian military

by Madeali

A press conference will be held to further explain the latest development of the situation in Jayapura on October 21, at 11am at West Papua tent in Occupy Melbourne, Old City Square, junctions of Collins and Swanston Sts.

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Press Release

For Immediate Release                            October 20, 2011

SIX PEOPLE  confirmed dead as Indonesian military and police officers stormed and shot the Third West Papuan People congress yesterday.

The attacks took place thirty minutes after the congress that aimed for West Papuans to decide on future development in the region and to empower indigenous Papuans in all aspects of life.

Aattended by 5000 people from different organisations including Authority ofFree Papua, the Guardians of Papuan Land (Petapa), the Congress was held on Oct 17 – 19, at Santo Zakeus field, Pandang Bulan, Aberpura, Jayapura.

“We strongly condemn the barbaric attacks against civilians” said Amatus Douw, the Coordinator of International Forum for West Papua. “It is our rights to determine our future; we have been supressed by the Indonesian government for nearly fifty years”.

The congress decided to elect ForkorusYaboisembut, the chair of the Papuan Customary Council as a new President and Edison Waromias the new Prime Minister.

On the first day of the congress, Yaboisembut said to Papuan media that the congress is “part of the struggle of indigenous Papuans to enforce their fundamental rights.” He argued that Papuans are not seeking to undermine or destroy Indonesia, but “strive to uphold our fundamental rights, including political rights, the right to independence as a nation…. And whatever be produced, the Government of Indonesia should able to appreciate it.”

Unlike reported by many Indonesian media, the congress participants did not declare an independent Papua. They read a declaration that was written on Oct 19, 1961

Today the situation in Jayapura was tense, and the security officers imposed curfew. They are on constantly on guard particularly at night. Since the incident happened the local population live in fear, they scared to leave their homes.

WE DEMAND  human rights organisations, governments around the world to condemn the inhuman acts of Indonesian security apparatus. We also need international community to support the self determination of West Papua” Douw said.


Yours Sincerely,

Amatus Douw

Amatus Douw, the Coordinator of International Forum for West Papua is available for interview. You can contact him on +61403278182


Chronology of the incident:

OktovianusPogau a Human Rights activist told us the incident as follows:

“Thirty minutes after the West Papuan People Third Congress ended, participants started to leave the Tunas Harapanfield ,Aberpura, Jayapura, where the congress was held. Out of 5000 people who attended the congress, about 2000 people were left behind. As the car that used by Forkorus Yaboisembut andEdison Waromi the elected President and Prime Minister was stopped by the Indonesian police and military officers.

This action made Petapa (the Guardians of Papuan Land) who also guarded the congress angry. In response the Indonesian military officers started to fire in the air and blocked streets around the area. Tanks were standing by in the mountainous area. The military and police officers broke into the University of FajarTimur, a dormitory belongs to a church that is located in the surrounding area. They took laptops, televisions and other facility with them.

When the shootings took place from 3.30 to 7pm, the Petapa guards did not resist. The soldiers and police officers brutally shot everyone. As a result six people were killed, four of them wereJacob Saman Sabra,MahasaiYeuw, Danien K. Kedepa, oneperson has not been identified. NatanielKadepa, 30 years old, a university student of Paniai, was also shot on his leg and head. His dead body was found behind the Indonesian military barrack that is located one hundred metres from theSanto Zakeus field, Pandang Bulan, Aberpura, Jayapura. Another murdered person fromSorong, has not been identified.

Three hundred participants were rounded up and gathered in the middle of the field, beaten up, insulted and ordered by to take off their clothes and slacks. The soldiers said “why you want to be independent?”; What will the congress give you?”.

Yaboisembut and Waromiand other arrested participants were taken to the police headquarter at 6.30pm. As the prisons were inadequate for all of them, they were placed in the parking area.”