The Investigation of Eyes on the Forest Found “Asia Pulp & Paper” Destroyed Tiger of Sumatra Habitat

by Madeali

The Investigation of Eyes on the Forest Found “Asia Pulp & Paper” Destroyed Tiger of Sumatra Habitat

PEKANBARU, SUMATRA – An investigation conducted by Eyes on the Forest found that one of wood exporters, Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) logged tropical forests in Sumatran tiger habitat Sinepis, Riau. The APP has advertised this protecting area, and shown to the public as a commitment of the company in tiger conservation.

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“This is an evidence that APP claims, and shows that their claim of actively protecting wild life is an exaggeration,” said Anwar Purwoto of WWF-Indonesia.

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In the latest report “The Truth behind Greenwash APP,” Eyes on the Forest details the APP, as part of the Sinar Mas Group, have destroyed more than two million hectares tropical forest since the company was established in 1984. The report its investigation from June to October 2011 and via satellite analysis until June 2011 found that APP opened up the forest that they have declared as Tiger Conservation Area Senepis“. It was embarrassing for the company, as the investigation shows that they also logged the small trees that they said will be used to protect tiger habitat” said Hariansyah Usman of WALHI Riau.

The report shows the truth behind their claim about “conservation projects”. As they tried to stop of building the national park Senepis that was proposed by the government, the company also advertised about its role in forming “Sumatran Tiger Protection” that is 106.000 hectars in 2006. The truth is that it does not contribute to the conservation of the tigers.

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“We hope those who purchased products of Sinar Mas group and investors that read this report also realised on how the APP media campaign have mislead the public. Their media campaign does not show the ill treatment of forest habitats on the ground” said Hariansyah Usman. “APP is only interested to supply factories of pulp mills with tropical forest wood, they hope that their costumers and investors could trust their media campaign”.

Recently there are a number of costumers of big companies have cancelled their contracts with APP. The media monitoring watch organisation that is affiliated to the Dutch government has banned broadcasting the company’s advertisement.

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“We urge the global costumers and investors to stop supporting Asia Pulp & Paper that has no shame of destroying tropical forest in Indonesia and the area where Sumatran tigers located,” said Muslim Rasyid, of Jikalahari, NGO network in Riau. To be part of list of responsible companies that have stop their association with SMG/APP”.

Notes for Editor:

The latest report of Eyes on the Forest’s “The Truth behind Greenwash APP” can be found at and
In this latest report, we investigate other APP misleading claims, and actions of the company that destroyed the environment including unique forest, habitats of tigers, elephant, and orang utan within protecting forest Biosfir UNESCO that is supported by APP. 

Companies that have cut of their business association with APP including: Office Depot, Staples, Kraft, United Stationers, Target dan Mattel (AS); Idisa Papel (Spain); Metro Group, KiK dan Adidas (German); Woolworths, dan Metcash (Australia); Robert Horne Group, Tesco, Sainsbury dan Marks & Spencer (England); Nestlé (Stizerlands); Unilever (Dutch); Ricoh dan Fuji Xerox (Japan); Zhejiang Hotels Association (China); Gucci Group (Italy); Lego (Denmark); Leclerc (French).

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