INDONESIA: Mr. Indra Pelani, a Land Rights activist brutally murdered

Join Letter:

Name of victims: Mr. Indra Pelani (22)
Names of alleged perpetrators: 7 security guards of PT WKS, a private compamy illegally occupying lands of peasants
Date of incident: 27 February, 2015
Place of incident: Security Post of District 803,
I am writing to you with deep concern over the murder of Mr. Indra Pelani, a rights activist by the security guards of PT WKS, a private company.

According to the Indra’s family, the persecution and premeditated murder occurred on 27 February 2015. Indra was a member of the Sekato Peasant Group; he was active in promoting and advocating land right on behalf of local peasants and against PT WKS, which continues to occupy thousands hectares of land belonging to the peasants.

On the day of the murder, Indra, along with Mr. Nick Karim, a human right activist of the Indonesia Environmental Group, Walhi, were riding a motorcycle on the way to the harvest site, located 60 km from the village. To reach this place, they had to pass by the Security Post of PT WKS. While they were passing this Security Post of District 803, at around 4:30 p.m., they were stopped by the security guards and questioned with regard to their purpose of passing this way.

According to Nick, they answered: “We would like to go to harvest area.”

Suddenly, security guards attacked and surrounded Indra and Nick, and as they were outmanned Nick ran away to seek the help of villagers. Indra, however, could not get away; the seven security guards killed him.

Shortly thereafter, Nick came back to the Security Post along with thirty villagers, but when they reached the security post, they could not find Indra, and the security that remained at the post confessed that they did not know the whereabouts of Indra. As the villagers could not find Indra, they filed a report at the Tebo Police Resort.

According to the additional information received by the AHRC, the police have seized a CCTV that recorded the persecution of Indra. And, this CCTV-recording shows that even after security guards were done attacking Indra, he was still alive. The guards then threw Indra’s body in a truck and took him elsewhere.

On 28 February 2015, the villagers found Indra’s dead body Indra 7 kilometers from the Security Post, where the security had allegedly thrown Indra’s body after they had killed him.

On 2 March 2015, seven security guards of PT WKS surrendered at the Police Area of Jambi Province (also known as Polda Jambi). The names of the security guards allegedly involved in the murder are: Mr. Jemi H., Mr. Zaidan, Mr. M. Ridho, Mr. Febrian, Mr. Deispa, Mr. Asmadi and Mr.Ayatollah K.

However, since the perpetrators have been detained in the police custody of Polda Jambi, the investigation process is moving very slowly. The police are seemingly reluctant to investigate the relationship between the PT WKS and the guards. The police investigation process has not really touched on the alleged involvement of PT WKS in the murder case and in occupying the land of local peasants.

Yours sincerely,
Made Ali

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